Sarah Hinds, Artist in Residence

Sarah 2020

Sarah Hinds is a visual Artist in Residence with UF Health. She works at the bedside with children and adults, conducts inpatient art-making workshops, facilitates art in the community, and supports medical staff through creative engagements. Her work with Arts in Medicine has led her to international residencies and collaborations in Northern Ireland and Nigeria. Sarah is a UF graduate with a degree in Anthropology. She enjoys exploring the human connections between arts, health, nature, and ritual. Sarah teaches UF students about the arts in healthcare in a hands-on practicum course with the Center for Arts in Medicine.

Her personal art is sculptural, with hand blown glass as her primary medium of expression. Sarah has been working with hot glass for over twenty years, creating nature-inspired glass filled with color. Before coming to Arts in Medicine, Sarah was an elementary school art teacher. She founded and ran a children’s art and adventure camp, and taught glassblowing in the community. These educational skills have been invaluable in her clinical work. 

Why Arts in Medicine?

Sarah is a true believer in creativity as a vehicle for connection. When facing adversity, art making bolsters the spirit, quiets the mind, and provides a positive material release. It is a gift to witness this creative process at UF Health.