The Thriving Kind

What is the Thriving Kind?

The Thriving Kind is a monthly program that aims to create community, connection and self-nurturance through gentle mindful movement and art-making. Through generous support from the Climb for Cancer Foundation and the Florida Division of Arts and Culture, this program is offered freely as a continuum of care to those previously hospitalized and living with chronic conditions.

Realizing that the program offers a unique opportunity to combine guided mindfulness practices with making art, Arts in Medicine collaborated with The Thriving Kind program founders to create a repository of free, virtual resources that can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. The following modules are those resources, which consist of art-making instructions and prerecorded audio files that guide you through each mindful moment. These modules allow both the participants and the greater community to access Thriving Kind resources when convenient for them.

How do I use the modules?

These modules are designed for those hoping to create a finished work of art while practicing mindfulness techniques at their own speed, wherever they may be. The art-making portion of the activities are led by artist in residence Molly Kempson, and allow participants to read instructions and gather materials based on the provided activity sheets. The mindfulness practices are led using audio tracks made by Tammy Bernard, Integrative Therapies practitioner and licensed yoga therapist, and are used to enhance the art-making for a grounding experience that can relieve stress and further connect participants to the art-making process.

To begin, select a module from the list below and gather the art materials listed in the activity sheet associated with your module. Then, follow the instructions listed with the module to enjoy a centering art-making experience.

The Thriving Kind Modules

Use the free virtual modules below to engage in a ~45-minute centering, creative activity. Art-making is written and instructed by Molly, with mindful moments guided by Tammy.

Self-guided Modules

The modules below offer art-making activities for a more self-paced experience, with readable mindfulness moments without audio tracks. With all Thriving Kind modules, we recommend moving through the modules slowly and with intention to maximize the mindfulness that can be found in each activity.