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10,000 Songs performed by Musicians in Residence at the bedside in 2018.

Music Referrals

12,000 Visual Art activities led by an Artist in Residence at the bedside or in workshops in 2018.

Visual Arts Referrals

From Bird Strike to Hope:

The Story of Moe Ricks’s Optimism in the Face of Tragedy

"The typical healing process in the hospital is clinical – it's about medicines and machines. The Arts in Medicine guys, the type of healing that they offer is like basically for my soul."

Andrew, Writer in Residence, left; Moe Ricks, right

Artist in Residence's Global Reach

You may know AIM artist in residence Sarah Hinds from her work in the hospital and at the bedside. What you may not know is her reach beyond the hospital and our community.

Sarah and patients with beads

dance classes gone virtual contribute to the

2020 National Water Dance

The Dance for Life and Dance for MS classes virtually contribute to national live dance to connect with other dancers and raise awareness for the environment.

Dance for Life

AIM Current Events

Dance for Life and Dance for MS 2020 National…

For the past two weeks, participants in the Dance for Life and Dance for MS classes have been learning the universal opening and closing sequences…

Dance for Life

AIM Classes and Workshops Have Gone Virtual!

The mission of Arts in Medicine has always been to connect with the hospital community and beyond around the arts in health. Our teams are proud to…

Dance for Life

Wellness Classes Temporarily Suspended

The community Wellness classes have been suspended temporarily. However, we are working hard to develop resources that will keep you connected with…


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