10,000 Songs performed by Musicians in Residence at the bedside in 2019.


12,000 Visual Art activities led by an Artist in Residence at the bedside or in workshops in 2019.

Visual Arts

1,500 Writing prompts provided by a Writer in Residence at the bedside or in workshops in 2019.

Literary Arts

6,000 Dance workshops directed by a Dancer in Residence in 2019.

Dance Programs

CMN All-Stars Virtual Gallery

The artwork made during the pilot session of the Arts in Medicine All Stars Class has been transformed into a virtual art gallery, thanks to Center for Arts in Medicine certificate student Aliza Torrens-Solis! This collaboration between Children's Miracle Network and Arts in Medicine has produced some incredible pieces!

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Arts in Medicine’s

COVID-19 Pandemic Arts Response

The Arts in Medicine program at UF Health in Gainesville, FL responded to the COVID-19 pandemic adapted our delivery of services to provide continued care to the patients, their families, and staff. (photos taken prior to COVID-19 protocols)

staples light

From Bird Strike to Hope:

The Story of Moe Ricks’s Optimism in the Face of Tragedy

"The typical healing process in the hospital is clinical – it's about medicines and machines. The Arts in Medicine guys, the type of healing that they offer is like basically for my soul."

Andrew, Writer in Residence, left; Moe Ricks, right (photos taken prior to COVID-19 protocols)

AIM Workshops Go Virtual

Our teams are proud to present new ways of connection to those who have limited access to in-person engagements through virtual live-streaming, prerecorded classes and workshops, and other online resources. (photos taken prior to COVID-19 protocols)

Dance for Life

AIM Current Events

New Program: The Thriving Kind

Updated May 14th, 2021 The Thriving Kind aims to create community, connection and self-nurturance through gentle mindful movement and art-making…

The Thriving Kind flyer

Program Update: Qigong for Wellbeing’s new day…

Qigong for Wellbeing, originally held Mondays at 5:30pm, has moved! Starting February 23rd, the class (now titled Midday Stretch & Renew…

Midday Stretch and Renew

Artists’ Journals: Guest writer Betsy Fisher’s…

Betsy Fisher and her son, Marshal Artists in residence are often asked what it’s like to be an artist, musician, and/or writer working at the…

Betsy and Marshal

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