Our team of musicians’ skills extend far beyond excellent live music performances, providing music engagements to the community via songwriting and music-making workshops and classes, and a weekly radio show.

Songwriting in Alachua County Public Schools

Musicians in residence lead students at various Alachua County public schools in music and songwriting workshops.

Musician in residence, Jahirah Williams, is seated in a classroom and smiles as he plays a bongo drum. Public school students at PK Yonge Elementary are sat next to him and also play drums.

Shift Change Radio Hour

Shift Change is an hour-long radio program showcasing health care workers’ song requests, testimonies, dedications/shout-outs to other fellow healthcare workers, and exciting patient and AIM spotlights. The radio show connects healthcare workers, patients, and arts in health professionals both in the hospital and in the greater community.

Shift Change at Bike Rodeo

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In the StorySongs experience we take your stories or poems, individually and as a community, help with structure as needed, and then add music to create a song. Cathy DeWitt, Musician in Residence, leads this process, helping you choose the tempo, rhythm patterns, chord structures, major or minor key – all the components of composing a song. Everyone gets to participate in the process, hear the song, and sometimes even sing along! The experience inspires your creativity and broadens your understanding of the songwriting process. Selected songs are recorded and made available for download.

photo by Max Reed