Volunteering with AIM

Getting through the UF Health Volunteer Services orientation process will take about two hours and a few separate trips to the hospital. The following check list is designed to help you move through this with the greatest ease. It is vital to have all UF Health staff and volunteers go through the process annually for their own safety, and for the well being of our patients.

1) Orientation

The first step will be to complete an orientation through the Volunteer Services department. Information covered includes hospital policy, Fire Safety, Infection Control and Confidentiality. You can complete the session independently online:

You will also need to complete the UF Health Volunteer Application prior to your interview with Volunteer Services.

2) Interview with Arts in Medicine

AFTER you have completed your orientation, obtained your immunization results and completed your PPD screening, please contact AIM Volunteer Coordinator Ferol Carytsas at carytf@shands.ufl.edu to set up an interview. At this time we will discuss your goals and interests with regard to volunteering with AIM. If they match with that of our program, we will devise a schedule that best suits your aspirations and availability. You must be able to commit to one weekly activity/workshop. Please note that we have a limited number of spots available, so it is best to schedule your interview as early as possible in the semester. Remember to bring the following with you to your interview:

  • $10 cash for the purchase of an AIM apron or AIM t-shirt
  • If you are student volunteering for course credit, please bring any paperwork

3) Volunteer Services Interview

AFTER your AIM interview, you will need to schedule a meeting with the Volunteer Services department, 352.265.0360. Do NOT schedule a volunteer placement interview. This is merely the scheduled time during which you turn in all your paperwork and become official. Remember to bring the following with you to your interview:

  1. UF Health Shands Hospital online orientation certificates of completion:
    HIPAA & Privacy – General Awareness
    Hospitality & Service Standards of Behavior
    UF Health Volunteer Orientation
  2. The completed  Security & Confidentiality Form.
  3. The completed Code of Conduct Form.
  4. Volunteer Service Record form with Occupational Health Services clearance signatures
  5. Copy of your immunization record to include:
    Measles/Mumps/Rubella: Documentation of two (2) measles/mumps/rubella vaccinations or serological (laboratory testing) proof of immunity to measles and rubella (German measles)
    Varicella (Chicken Pox): Verification of having Chicken Pox through medical documentation of the disease OR documentation of two varicella vaccinations.
    Hepatitis B vaccine series: (required for ED, OR and Dental Clinics.)
  6. Your AIM volunteer schedule