Volunteering with AIM

Getting through the UF Health Volunteer Services orientation process will take about two hours and a few separate trips to the hospital. The following check list is designed to help you move through this with the greatest ease. It is vital to have all UF Health staff and volunteers go through the process annually for their own safety, and for the well being of our patients.

A) Explore this semester’s opportunities

Please be aware that some of the listed volunteer shifts will continue in the virtual format this Fall. We can discuss this during your interview
  1. Volunteer shifts
  2. Read the AIM Volunteer Handbook
  3. Submit AIM orientation forms through the AIM Portal

B) Apply through AIM & UF Health Volunteer Services ( AIM’s Spring 2022 Applications are open Dec 6, 9am-Dec 13, 5pm)

***Returning Volunteers: Please be sure to email AIM’s Service Learning Coordinator, Sam Moss, (MOSSSA@shands.ufl.edu) by 5pm on November 22nd. Emails received after that time will be considered with the new applicant pool ***

  1. AIM works with UF Health Volunteer Services in on-boarding our volunteers so be prepared for communications and documentation submission through both entities.
  2. Submit your AIM Application:  Arts in Medicine Volunteer Application
  3. Sign up for an Information Session with Volunteer Services

C) Interview with Arts in Medicine  РDec 13-17

AFTER you have completed the above steps A and B, please contact AIM Service Learning Manager, Sam Moss at MOSSSA@shands.ufl.edu to set up a Zoom interview (musicians must audition in person or submit audition videos instead of interview). At this time we will discuss your goals and interests with regard to volunteering with AIM. If they match with that of our program, we will try to schedule you based on your preferences and availability. You must be able to commit to one weekly activity/workshop. Please note that we have a very limited number of spots available. For your AIM interview please prepare:

  • your semester’s schedule
  • any questions about the program you might have

D) Occupational Health Clearance *COVID-19 Vaccines are required

AFTER your AIM interview, and if you are accepted, I will notify you and submit your name to Volunteer Services. You will then need to:

  1. Visit https://ufhealth.org/college-student-volunteers and begin to collect and complete all requirements as listed.
  2. Pick up your Occupational Clearance packet during your information session.
  3. Bring the Occupational Health Clearance Packet and a copy of your immunization records to Volunteer Services (Room G153) during the clearance period (January 10-14) to obtain your clearance. Occupational Health will keep the copy of your immunization records. You will need to bring another copy to your placement appointment.

E) Volunteer Services Placement Appointment

  1. If you’ve been accepted, Volunteer Services will reach out to you to schedule a Placement Appointment with them. This is merely the scheduled time during which you turn in all of your paperwork including your training diplomas, Occupational Health Clearance Packet, etc. Again, refer here (Volunteer Services Requirements) for what you will need to bring.

F) Schedule to begin and purchase your AIM T-shirt or apron

  • Once Volunteer Services has cleared you to start, you will connect with AIM Service Learning Coordinator and your artist to coordinate your first shift. Prior to or the day of your first shift, you will be required to stop by the AIM offices to purchase either an AIM T-shirt ($10.00 CASH ONLY) or AIM apron ($10.00 CASH ONLY). Dress code is determined by the type of discipline you are in.