Songwriting Sessions

Gathering inspiration from a patient’s own experiences, personal interests, and more, musicians and writers in residence collaborate with patients to provide them an opportunity to explore their songwriting interests. Musicians and writers in residence guide the patient through the songwriting process and use our Mobile Music Station to record and lay down a track that they can mix and master to create an audio track for the patient.

Consultation requests for a songwriting session can be placed through clinical staff using EPIC or by calling Arts in Medicine at (352) 733-0880.

Musician in Residence and Patient Song Collaborations! :

“Better Place Now” by Sally Lee, musician in residence Michael Claytor and literary artist in residence Andrew Hix
“Love Has Been a Greatest Theme of Mine” by Clayton Barber, musicians in residence Michael Claytor, Akin Yai and literary artist in residence Andrew Hix

Click here to listen to songs written by patients at the bedside.