Head/Neck/Mouth/Eye Cancers

Oral, head, and neck cancer is an umbrella term for a number of cancers that start in the head and neck, including lip and oral cavity cancer; salivary gland cancer; paranasal sinus and nasal sinus cancer; nasopharyngeal cancer; oropharyngeal cancer; and hypopharyngeal cancer.

Eye Care Foundation: 212.832.7297, www.eyecarefoundation.org
The Eye Cancer Foundation is an educational and supportive resource for eye cancer patients, their families, and physicians. This website provides a world class resource for patient education and research for eye cancer.

Oral Cancer Foundation: 949.646.8000, www.oralcancerfoundation.org
The Oral Cancer Foundation is a national public service, non-profit entity designed to reduce suffering and save lives through prevention, education, research, advocacy, and support activities. This site will provide you with hundreds of pages of information about the rates of occurrence, risk factors which lead to oral cancer, signs and symptoms, treatments, current research, complications of treatment, nutrition, and current oral cancer related news.

Yul Brynner Head and Neck Foundation: 843.792.6624, www.yulbrynnerfoundation.org
The purpose of this foundation is to provide support to head and neck cancer patients throughout the year, to educate children and adults in the disease process, treatment, and prevention of head and neck cancer, and to support ongoing research in head and neck oncology.