Selecting Artists

Knowing the artist is of utmost importance. By this, we mean: what is important to them? Do they have an open view of performing and are comfortable with themselves? Are they willing to undertake a challenge of different performing arts settings? Do they have the type of personality that will work well in this type of setting? Do they have a past medical history (i.e. someone in the family/friend with cancer) that they would like to contribute to the healing process of others through their art form?

When selecting artists for your residencies, you may want to consider artists with whom you have a previous working relationship first. As this is a relatively new undertaking in the performing arts field, artists who may be hesitant to participate in something new can be assured when they have a history with the presenter. However, new artists may also have an interest in the health care setting. This can best be determined by your relationship with their agent/manager and approaching the subject as part of the outreach activities in which the artists will participate.

Presenters should be prepared to answer questions about how this is different from normal outreach activities and stress the importance of interaction with patients. There is no “forth wall” in the hospital setting – artists who are not comfortable with close interactions will be better suited for the typical outreach activities found within the performing arts. Do not be offended if an artist, agent or manager says “no,” as it is better to have an activity that works for all parties involved.

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Following is a list (alphabetical, not chronological) of artists who have participated in the AIM Together program at Shands/UF:

  • Ahn Trio (Korea/United States): November 2007
  •  Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company (Philippines): November 2006
  • Cypress String Quartet (United States): March 2007
  • Dan Zanes (United States): November 2007
  • Diavolo (United States): April 2008
  • Gaia Teatro (Peru): February 2008
  • Interpreti Veneziani (Italy): January 2008
  • Les Folies Russes (Russia): March 2007
  • Nrityagram Indian Dance Ensemble (India): April 2006
  • Parsons Dance (United States): September 2007
  • Rani Arbo (United States): October 2009
  • Soweto Gospel Choir (South Africa): January 2005
  • Spirit of Uganda (East Africa): April 2008
  • STOMP (United States): June, 2006
  • Teatro Hugo and Ines (Peru): October 2004
  • The Persuasions (United States): September 2006
  • The Ten Tenors (Australia): February 2006
  • Trey McIntyre Project (United States): March 2009
  • Woven Harmony (United States): February 2005; March 2007