Creative for Health

silk hoop painting

Nothing feels better than to fully immerse yourself in an art project.  The world around you falls away.  Time passes pleasantly without notice.

Research also suggests that creativity is good for our health.  Regular practice has been shown to reduce the harmful effects of stress, improve immune system function, and help us cope with anxiety and depression.

Uncover your creativity by joining artists and writers with the UF Health Arts in Medicine program in exciting, inspirational activities.

4th Quarter Prompts: Hope (April-June)

Prompt 1: Writing about food: Write about cooking or enjoying your favorite meal–real or imagined. Start by naming between three and five ingredients.

Prompt 2: Write a letter to a child, niece, nephew, or younger version of yourself. Comment on something challenging or do the opposite, focus on an exciting experience. What advice would you give? You may also feel compelled to write fiction. Don’t feel limited to write autobiographically.

Prompt 3: A day at the beach: Write, draw, or paint about a time you went to the beach as a child or an adult. Pay close attention to sensory details.  Help the viewer or reader see where, specifically, you are taking us.

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