January 2023

Episode 66

January 25, 2023 – Episode 66 of Shift Change features a Songs in Practice segment with Il Gato’s Daimian Holiday Scott, here discussing his song “The Minutes Excite”. Hosted by Michael Claytor, today’s Music in Medicine segment is brought to you by Calvin Gregg. Michael Claytor, and his four-year-old daughter Stella, serenade us with “A Whole New World” on today’s Play it Forward, dedicated from Kelvin to Unit 10-2.

Episode 65

January 18, 2023 – Episode 65 of Shift Change features a Story Spa segment with Sheila Parrish, a UF Health patient staying on the bone marrow unit who shares a story about caring for her mother. Hosted by Tammy Bernard while massage therapist Andrew Hix delivers a massage to Sheila’s back and shoulders while she shares. Hear also a Music as Medicine segment from Jasmine Laska, a local art teacher.

Episode 64

January 11, 2023 – Jason Hedges takes over this week’s Shift Change episode, bringing you his own Music as Medicine segment, and a new segment titled Bedside Stories. Austin Brockner performs My Cherie Amour by Stevie Wonder for this week’s Play It Forward request.

Episode 63

January 4, 2023 – For the first Shift Change episode of 2023, Michael Claytor hosts a Student Songwriting Challenge featuring Sarah Leigh and Talia Nishida. Other highlights include a Music as Medicine segment with Daimian Holiday Scott, and a Play It Forward song request covered by musician in residence Rayvon Rollins.