Olivia Ardizzone, Supply Chain Assistant

Olivia Ardizzone, Supply Chain Assistant

Olivia is a visual artist and also the supply-chain assistant for Shands Arts in Medicine. Her duties include inventory assessment, placing bulk supply orders, and discovering new materials to enhance the creative process for patients. She also supports the operation of the Criser Cancer Resource Center and overall program development.

She earned both a BFA in Art and an undergraduate certificate in Arts in Medicine from the University of Florida in 2018. Olivia specializes in painting and interdisciplinary art, and often incorporates written words and text in her creations. Growing up in South Florida, she moved up to Gainesville in 2015 to complete her undergraduate studies. Inspired by the sprawling live oaks and natural springs of the Gainesville area, her recent work has focused largely on landscape imagery that she imbues with exaggerated, vibrant colors and forms.

Olivia volunteered with Shands Arts in Medicine (AIM) in both clinical and community settings throughout her upperclassmen years at UF. As an AIM practicum student, Olivia developed an interdisciplinary program called Painting with Poetry that she offered at the bedside to patients on the orthopedic unit at Shands Cancer Hospital and at weekly workshops at Oak Hammock, a local assisted living facility affiliated with the University of Florida. While she facilitated the bedside and workshop practices with different approaches, Olivia found that patients and assisted living residents were more likely to participate when offered more than one avenue for creativity.

Why Arts in Medicine?

I have always been interested in the arts and in the emotional and mental well-being of others. Reflecting on my personal history and motivations, I recognize that my persisting and daily goal has been to brighten the day and lives of others. I was originally studying Psychology at the University of Miami with intentions to be a Clinical Psychologist before experiencing my own health complications the summer between my sophomore and junior year. Observing the impact of the arts on my own emotional, mental, and physical well-being during this trying time kindled my desire to change career paths and work more directly with the arts. I desired to share the cathartic, creative experience with others with greater intention. When I transferred to the University of Florida and discovered the Arts in Medicine program, I was immediately interested and looked for ways to engage. I began volunteering at Shands Arts in Medicine in 2017 and have been involved with the program ever since. Volunteering on oncology, trauma, and orthopedic units and observing the joy, ease, and comfort the arts provide patients has truly transformed my life.