Center for Arts in Medicine Practicum Guide

What is Practicum? Students will explore the practice of arts in a healthcare or community setting with emphasis on a primary artistic discipline. The course is designed to help the student deepen understanding of in-person and virtual delivery of arts in health practice through self-assessment and reflection.

Practicum has 2 components: a weekly UF course in a classroom setting and regularly scheduled service hours, coordinated through AIM. Questions pertaining to the practicum course, assignments and “what counts” as contact hours should be directed to your course instructor. Questions regarding your placement should be directed to AIM’s Service Learning Manager, Sam Moss.

Pre-semester Practicum Deadlines

Date Task
July 15, 2022 Pre-Placement information Form due : CLICK HERE Begin to review the provided placement options below and your “Exhibit A” requirements
July 18-22, 2022 Individual meetings with Service Learning Manager, Sam Moss
August 11, 2022 Placements finalized
August 19, 2022 All placement requirement documents of “Exhibit A” are due
August 24, 2022 Practicum engagements may begin

Explore Placements

Schedule your meeting with AIM July 18-22

Schedule a virtual or in-person meeting with Service Learning Manager, Sam Moss, to discuss goals, placements and questions.

Schedule HERE!

Begin collection and completion of “Exhibit A” requirements HERE

Review the Service Learning Student Handbook HERE

Dress Code