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art of compassion: nursing education

The Art of Compassion: Nursing Education

Published: Jul 31st, 2012

As a UF student, Lauren Arce studied psychology, but a lifelong love of dance brought her to AIM. Lauren took a course at the UF Center for Arts in Medicine […]

AIM in Africa

Global Impact: AIM for Africa

Published: Jul 31st, 2012

The Twa of Rwanda represent only one percent of the country’s population. They are severely discriminate against and live in impoverished conditions, struggling each day to buy water and food. […]

Dance for Life

Research: Dance for Life

Published: Feb 7th, 2012

Life balance sometimes requires dancing. At the University of Florida’s McGuire Theatre and Dance Pavilion, the hallways are a cacophony of music, monologues, laughter, and the bustling of  bodies in […]

About Arts in Medicine

Published: Feb 7th, 2012

Shands Arts in Medicine (AIM) was founded in 1990 at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida. AIM is a multidisciplinary organization, with programs in the visual, literary, musical and […]