Riding the Waves

Thriving Kind Module 1

“Riding the waves is this idea that everything that occurs in our lives often happens in a wave-like pattern.”

Intro: To begin, gather your art supplies listed in the Riding the Waves activity sheet, then listen to the Mindful Introduction audio track below to center yourself in this mindful art-making moment.

Riding the Waves Mindful Introduction (3 mins)

Part 1: Watercolors. Follow the directions on the activity sheet, and when you’re satisfied with your abstract watercolor painting, set down your paintbrush and listen to the Part 2 audio below.

Part 2: Practice with Tammy (audio)

Part 2 (~15 mins)

Part 3: When you’re ready, continue to Part 3 in your art-making experience with Molly by following the directions on the activity sheet.

Riding the Waves Watercolor process
Watercolor process painting from Ride the Waves
We hope you enjoyed this mindful art-making experience. Click here for more Thriving Kind modules.