Fresh Horizons

Thriving Kind Module 3

Intro: After you’ve gathered your materials listed on the Fresh Horizons activity sheet, listen to the Intro to Theme audio below.

Fresh Horizons intro to theme (~10 mins)

Part 1: Creating a Field of Color. Follow the tutorial on the activity sheet to begin your art-making experience with Molly’s instructions. When you have completed step 4 using acrylic paint, set it down to dry and play Tammy’s audio track below to further the mindfulness experience.

Part 2: Mindfulness Practice with Tammy

Part 2 (~15-20 mins)

Part 3: Digging into Your Scratchboard. Complete your piece with Molly by using the instructions on your activity sheet.

Process photo from Fresh Horizons
We hope you enjoyed this mindful art-making experience. Click here for more Thriving Kind modules.