Thriving Kind Module 4

Intro to Theme: Ch-ch-ch-changes. To begin, gather the supplies listed on the Ch-ch-ch-changes activity sheet, then listen to the Intro to Theme audio below.

Ch-ch-ch-changes Mindful Introduction (3 mins)

Part 1: Creating a Design Inspired by Stained Glass. Using the Ch-ch-ch-changes activity sheet, follow Molly’s directions to design the base of your faux stained glass piece. Once finished, set your piece aside to dry and move to part 2.

Part 2: Mindfulness Practice with Tammy. Listen to the audio below as Tammy guides you through this theme’s mindful moment.

Part 2 (~20 mins)

Part 3: Adding Color. When you are ready, continue to Part 3 of your artistic experience with Molly by following along with the directions on the activity sheet.

Watercolor process painting from Ch-ch-ch-changes
We hope you enjoyed this mindful art-making experience. Click here for more Thriving Kind modules.