Patient Songwriting Sessions

One could say that songwriting is poetry put to music.

Gathering inspiration from a patient’s own experiences, personal interests, and more, writers and musicians in residence collaborate with patients to provide them an opportunity to explore their songwriting interests.

Listen to the audio files below to hear songs written by patients at UF Health, with help from AIM artists in residence.

Listen to Tiquisha Singleton’s full interview about her writing process and hear her original song “This Thanksgiving” written in collaboration with Arts in Medicine
“Better Place Now” by Sally Lee, musician in residence Michael Claytor and writer in residence Andrew Hix
“Love Has Been a Greatest Theme of Mine” by Clayton Barber, musician in residence Michael Claytor, visiting artist Akin Yai, and writer in residence Andrew Hix
“Keep Fighting” by Calvin Lee and Arts in Medicine
“Would I be Wrong” by Calvin Lee and Arts in Medicine

Special Collaboration: Musician in residence and UF Health Nurses

For Nurses Month 2021, musician in residence Ricky Kendall delivered a songwriting workshop for UF Health nurses. During the workshop, the group of nurses nurses engaged in collaborative songwriting about the power of nursing practice. “Love + Medication” is the song they wrote together.