My Vibrant Island

Young artist Kinsey Bogart collaborated with AIM to create a coloring book filled with images based on her own paintings. As a CMN champion and patient at UF Health, Kinsey worked with artist in residence Sarah Hinds for months to create an original coloring book of Kinsey’s own paintings. Musician in residence Ricky Kendall adapted Kinsey’s paintings into black and white line drawings and UF Health Arts in Medicine partnered with Alta Printing to print 2,000 books to distribute to family, friends and other patients here at UF Health.

AIM is inspired by Kinsey’s love for creativity and art, and her desire to share her work for the world to enjoy and interpret so that others can make art too!

Below is a sampling of those coloring pages, free to save and print.

Click here to read more about Kinsey’s coloring book, My Vibrant Island.

Kinsey with her coloring book, My Vibrant Island