Ricky Kendall, Arts in Medicine Practitioner

Ricky Kendall

Ricky Kendall has been a working Gainesville-based musician for over a decade. With a love for his city and the people in it, he attempts to capture peace, joy and hope in the midst of sorrow by writing songs earnestly and sharing them openly.  Ricky sings and plays an array of soothing songs at bedsides of patients as well as anywhere else songs are needed at UF Health Shands.


Why Arts in Medicine?

“When I was a boy of 6, I was the victim of a horrible truck accident that left me almost dead in the hospital. I can remember the warmth of peoples prayers, Get-Well cards, songs and the nurses care. When AIM invited me to come on staff and share my voice and gifting with people here, I realized a very real desire in my life to give the same comfort and love that was so deeply given to me in my time of need.”

Ricky knows the reality of healing through Arts by personal experience and loves serving those who need this healing.