Rayvon Rollins, Arts in Medicine Practitioner

Rayvon Rollins has been playing music in Gainesville professionally since 2015. Best known for his songwriting and improvisational skills vocally as well as on guitar, he joins the Arts In Medicine program at UF health with an open mind and hunger to give patients and families something different. Rayvon has performed his original music in several areas within the city of Gainesville and is now ready to step into the realm of being a healer with his music. He sings, raps, and plays guitar and is determined to give a great performance no matter where he is. Rayvon joined the Arts In Medicine program at UF health in late 2022, and is looking forward to tapping into the healing power of music.

Why Arts in Medicine?

“To be able to play for patients who are undergoing the unimaginable, and are looking to be comforted with songs of encouragement and love by talented musicians and artists, is the most genuine and brilliant concept I could fathom. This program is necessary not just for the AIM staff to be able to show their amazing skills, but to also benefit another life with a means to communicate relief towards better health creatively. I am honored to be a part of this organization and I celebrate the continuation of its foundation.”