Max Helgemo, Musician in Residence

Max is a recent graduate of the University of Florida with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology. Throughout his undergraduate years he performed around town during breaks in his school schedule. After attending the 2015 UF Arts in Medicine summer intensive, he volunteered with the Arts in Medicine program. Now, he is the newest addition to the music team and a regular performer in Gainesville’s music scene. He is currently recording an album with the goal of transitioning into a more professionalized music practice.

Max also works on the research staff in the Center for Arts in Medicine as a research associate under Jill Sonke. He contributes by co-authoring articles on emerging Arts in Health topics and coordinating research team interests.

“Overall I think performance and song form has helped me get comfortable with myself. Now, I feel the need to share, whether that be at the bedside in the hospital singing old folk songs or downtown playing originals.”