Erin Hendryx, Operations Assistant

Erin HendryxErin’s involvement with Arts in Medicine began as a volunteer in 2011, shadowing then Musician in Residence Danielle DeCosmo, and providing patients soothing, lyrical music. Erin would return to AIM as a high school graduate and serve as the program’s Receptionist and Program Assistant during school breaks from Stetson University, where she would receive her BA in Religious Studies. After a 2.5 year post-grad hiatus spent in Asheville, NC, Erin is more than pleased to have again found her way back to AIM to serve as the program’s Operations Assistant.

Why Arts in Medicine?

Erin continues to observe first-hand the benefits of the arts both in her community and in her personal life. Both as a scholarly passion and as creative outlets, Erin has pursued the arts through flute performance in her grade-school years, and now through hand lettering and modern calligraphy, singing with her family at various local venues, and slowly but surely learning to play the guitar.

Erin believes that no matter the skill level, and often with the right assistance, anyone can hone in on their innate creativity and allow it to guide them to an artistic medium that they enjoy. Erin believes those mediums can be found in the hospital setting, and have the power to positively shape a patient’s stay. She is proud to assist in providing those interactions through her role with AIM.