Emily Pozek, Dancer in Residence

Emily Pozek has been a Dancer in Residence at UF Health since August 2013.  She leads Dance for Life, a dance class for people with Parkinson’s Disease and their significant others. In addition to her service to the UF Center for Arts and Medicine, Emily is an adjunct professor for the School of Theatre and Dance at UF, teaching courses such as Dance Fundamentals, Ballet and Dance Appreciation.

Emily completed her B.F.A. in Dance Performance at the University of Florida. As an undergraduate, she also completed two undergraduate certificates, one focused on Arts in Healthcare, the other focused on Dance in Healthcare. After finishing her B.F.A., Emily was among the first students to graduate from UF with an M.A. in Arts and Medicine. Her capstone project focused on the effects of dance on Alzheimer’s patients.

Emily’s passion lies in the joy of movement and dance and sharing it with diverse communities, which has led her to a variety of professional experiences beyond the University of Florida. She has participated in two Mark Morris Dance for PD Training Workshops and is a member of the Cechetti Council of America. She teaches multiple levels of dance for local studios and has travelled internationally as a judge for dance competitions. In addition to her training as a dance instructor, Emily recently completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training.