Camilo Reina Munoz, M.A., Artist in Residence

Camilo Reina Munoz, M.A., is a Gainesville-grown arts in health professional. Camilo’s creative interests include improvisational theatre and music composition. He earned his B.A.S. in Organizational Management at Santa Fe College and his M.A. in Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida where he studied applied theatre in health and the interdisciplinary collaborations between mental health and arts in health professionals.

Camilo serves as the co-director of the Theatre Connect program which brings applied theatre to LGTBQIA+ youth in the north central Florida area. During COVID-19, through the support of the Brad & Marta Pollitt Family Foundation, and the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, he successfully transitioned the program to a virtual Zoom-based environment. Camilo also serves as the admissions coordinator for the UF Center for Arts in Medicine’s online graduate program.

Camilo’s current research focuses on creating a replicable collaborative model for mental health and arts in health professionals working in the realm of applied theatre. His goal is to share the lessons and successes of Theatre Connect with practitioners around the United States. As part of those efforts, he has co-authored an upcoming publication in the Public Health Promotion & Practice journal. The evidence-base formed by his research informs his curriculum and practice for Theatre Connect. Through inter-professional partnerships, Camilo works to increase access, funding, and awareness of arts in health programming for the LGBTQIA+ community.