ENGAGE: Cognitive Crafting

Late last month, UF Health Shands Nursing and UF College of Nursing collaborated on ENGAGE, a pilot study that introduces job crafting skills through a workshop series focused on task, relational, and cognitive aspects. Arts in Medicine was specifically requested to design and facilitate the cognitive crafting workshop, integrating creative and mindfulness activities to promote connectedness, explore new perspectives, and foster presence, openness, and curiosity. 

Pre- and post-surveys assessed the readiness of nurse leader to construct healthy work environments tailored to their strengths, passions, and purpose. AIM musicians Jernie Millán and Jahirah Williams used themes from pre-workshop survey data to craft songs that validate the participants’ experiences. The survey asked about burdens at work, sources of joy in their roles, and the most pressing challenges they face in their workdays. 

Survey questions were:

  • What are the burdens that you feel you are unable to leave at work?
  • What sparks joy in your current role?
  • What are the most pressing challenges to navigating your workday?

Listen to the two songs below that were written inspired by their experiences.


“Small Wins (Things)”