Williams Elementary School’s Magnificent Mosaics

Students, teachers, and visitors alike will now enjoy a warm Williams Elementary School welcome from a handmade mosaic wildcat. The mosaic was created by the students of Ms. Bracero’s fifth grade class as a way to honor their legacy as they transition to middle school next year.

“The students learned skills such as leadership, collaboration, and a new artmaking process,” said Ms. Bracero about the experience.

In collaboration with AIM artist in residence Sarah Hinds, the students were led through the basics of mosaic making and created both a piece that would remain at Williams Elementary, as well as one to take home. However, before their take-home pieces make it home, they will be on display in the County Commissioners office here in Alachua County.

Ms. Bracero thanks Arts in Medicine and Sarah for the opportunity to collaborate, stating that Sarah is now considered an honorary Williams Wildcat.

This project was completed as a workshop series with support by the Florida Division of Arts and Culture.

Click the images below for a glimpse at the mosaic making process and some of the completed pieces.

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