AIM All-request Concerts Provide Continued Care

AIM’s mission has always been to encourage creativity to support wellbeing. So when the COVID-19 pandemic met North Florida, the Arts in Medicine administrative and music teams shifted the way they provide musical experiences at the bedside.

Since March of 2020, AIM has been consistently “going live” using Facebook’s Live feature to deliver our audiences consistent access to musical performances. The initiative encourages viewers to make a song request in the comment section of the live feed, which is monitored throughout the concert by AIM’s musicians and administrative team. These comments create a set list that the musicians can choose from to perform during the live hour-long concert, called the AIM All-request Facebook Live Concert.

The first post’s caption says it all: “Welcome to Arts in Medicine’s first live “all request” concert. Why a request concert? Because the music experience in the hospital is patient driven. The songs we play are the songs that are most meaningful to those we serve. So let us know what you’d like to hear. Post your request in the comment section. And please note, the comments are public.”

Musicians performing during the Live all-request concert

AIM is able to continue to provide the patient populations and staff that they would typically interact with on the hospital units with their favorite music selections, while also engaging champions of the program.

Date and times of shows vary, so to enjoy the Facebook Live concert, visit and look for weekly updates.