18th Annual Arts in Medicine Summer Intensive

The 18th Annual Arts in Medicine Summer Intensive has arrived!

The UF Center for Arts in Medicine and UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine programs are proud to host the Summer Intensive this year from May 6th-May 17th. The Intensive is a comprehensive training program for artists, health professionals, administrators, students, educators, and others who wish to explore the roles of the arts in healthcare and community health contexts. This program is organized across two topic-specific weeks: practice and administration.

Participants can expect an engaging and highly experiential dive into the field of arts in health. Expect days filled with creative engagement, embodied learning, hands-on skill building, and meaningful dialogue. Participants will leave with a deeper knowledge of the field and an array of resources for developing or advancing careers that engage the arts in healthcare and community settings. Expect also to create a lasting network of peers from around the world who share your passion for using the arts to enhance health and well-being.

summer intensive

For more information on the Summer Intensive, visit https://arts.ufl.edu/in-the-loop/events/18th-annual-arts-in-medicine-summer-intensive-at-the-university-of-florida-may-6-17-2019/

To learn more about the UF Center for Arts in Medicine, visit https://arts.ufl.edu/academics/center-for-arts-in-medicine/