Please join UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine in celebrating photographs by UF medical student Zohair Zaidi. This beautiful collection of macro photography explores the design and expressive nature of butterflies. Winged will be on display in the Criser Cancer Resource Center October 23-November 28, 2017.

Winged Artist Statement

I initially began this collection to simply showcase the unique designs seen when macro photos are taken of butterflies: the design on their wings, the segmentation of their antennas, and the pattern of the sensory hairs found on along their body. This later evolved into me wanting to bring out the experience I felt while actually taking these photos.

There is a sort of serenity I feel when watching a butterfly approach a leaf or flower to land on.  It is stark contrast to when they rapidly flutter their wings, where I can almost sense the butterfly ‘catching its breath’ – a pause – an unexpected stillness. A motionless butterfly provides a chance to see the intricate wing designs in much closer detail, and in many cases you can begin to realize the seemingly curious facial expressions of each butterfly.

My goal here is to capture this specific moment, and to allow others to partake in this very experience. I hope others can replicate this calm experience by first imagining each butterfly actively descending towards their landing points, and then focusing in on the butterfly as they rest still. Above all, I hope viewers can appreciate the tranquility of a perched butterfly, and allow this to instill a similar tranquility within themselves.

There will be an artist reception on Thursday, October 26, 2017, 4-6pm at UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital, Criser Cancer Resource Center, Room 1302. Complimentary valet parking is available.