HIV/AIDS Awareness in Florida: Capturing the process

HIV/AIDS Awareness in Florida: Capturing the process

On Display in the Criser Cancer Resource Center Gallery January 11-27, 2017

Artist reception: Thursday, January 19, 2017 from 4-6pm

Please join the Arts in Medicine programs at UF in celebrating photographs taken by second year medical student Tisha Van Pelt during the filming of brief educational videos on HIV/AIDS.  The images capture the filming process and moments when the actors are at rest. The Health Science Center Libraries and the Center for Arts in Medicine collaborated to create informational videos, targeting at-risk groups to encourage individuals to know their status, and addressing misinformation on this stigmatized medical condition.  These films are available for viewing at .

AIDS, while no longer the death sentence it was when it became a recognized epidemic in the 1980s, is still a public health concern, as well as a stigmatized medical condition.  It also is still a major concern in the state of Florida, because of the high rate of infection and large number of people living with the infection.  A major reason why it remains such an issue and a concern is the lack of trusted information surrounding individuals’ risks of infection, and on means of prevention, treatment, and how to live with a positive diagnosis.

For the Libraries, these videos, partially funded by a grant from the Catalyst Fund, are part of a larger HIV/AIDS grant project itself  funded by the National Library of Medicine that includes production of print materials, training sessions for at risk groups, as well as for librarians and healthcare providers, and collaboration with community groups.

The material in the videos was determined in part by a special “Collaborating with Strangers” session bringing together community partners to discuss their needs and concerns in preventing and treating infection.

The videos themselves were written and directed by Jeffrey Pufahl, visiting assistant scholar in the Center for the Arts in Medicine.  Matthew Daley, artist and library IT specialist, filmed and edited them.  The Libraries grant team includes:  Michele R. Tennant, Hannah F. Norton, Gretchen Kuntz, Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Maggie Ansell, Matthew Daley, Rae Jesano, and Nancy Schaefer.

Funding provided by the UF Catalyst Fund and National Library of Medicine, HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Project, PO # HHSN276201500702P

Artist Statement

Creating something for HIV awareness has been an honor. Although I was a small part of this endeavor, as I only took photos during the production, I have been inspired by all the amazing individuals who have worked on this project. The photos here document the production, in effort to highlight the message. They show countless hours of hard work and dedication to HIV awareness. As you look at these photos, please remember the people who are not being shown here. They are the HIV patients, the people fighting the disease. They are the reason behind everything.