Graduate Student Spotlight: Emily Pozek

UF Center for Arts in Medicine graduate student, Emily Pozek, was one of the first students in the United States to earn a graduate degree in Arts in Medicine.

“I always knew that I wanted to continue my education, but I wasn’t sure exactly how or what field I wanted to go into. In my undergraduate work, I got involved with Arts in Medicine at UF. It was life changing. I always knew that I wanted dance, but it wasn’t until I began working with Arts in Medicine and used dance with new communities of people that I found my true passion.

The masters program challenged and encouraged me. It required critical thinking, real world application and problem solving. The program allowed me to deepen my work with Dance for Life, a class that I teach for people with Parkinson’s disease. Throughout the two years of the program I was able to apply concepts we discussed in class to my work with dancers and improve my approach.

The structure of the program is completely online but the program itself is personal. Because the program is offered online, it allowed me to work along side so many different artists from all over the country. I had a fear that since the program was online I would miss the face-to-face connections with my classmates and teachers. But it is set up so you don’t have that feeling at all. My classmates became my friends and fellow artists. The support from the faculty and students was so rewarding.

The support I had from them all helped me expand my creative practices. I’ve always considered myself a dancer and mover but never a visual artist. During the masters program I challenged myself to explore new mediums in art. With support and encouragement from the teachers and my fellow students I learned new skills.

During my two years in the masters program, my relationships with both the faculty and students were pivotal to my experience. The program helped me create unique friendships and mentorships. The world-renowned faculty members are extremely knowledgeable. Their support, guidance and mentorship throughout the program were a huge key to my success in the program. My fellow classmates were an inspiration to me as well. They all brought a different voice into our discussions allowing us to problem solve, think critically and build a new understanding about the world of Arts in Medicine. I feel so fortunate to be apart of this group of individuals. The friendships and partnerships I made through this program are ones I will have for the rest of my life.”

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