Arts & Health Month

This November, please join us and others in celebrating the positive impact the arts have on the healthcare experience. Help raise awareness about how the arts improve patient outcomes; create safer, more supportive healthcare environments; offer caregivers an opportunity for creativity and self-expression; and benefit communities by engaging people in arts programs aimed at prevention and wellness.

Featured Events

  • November 4: Creative for Health: Spoken Word
    • from 2-3pm at HealthStreet
  • November 6: “In Honor” Art Exhibit Reception
    • from 6-9pm at Gallery 26, Melrose, FL
  • November 7: Dollies without Borders
    • from 10am-2pm in the Criser Cancer Resource Center
  • November 18: Creative for Health: Iris Fold Holiday Cards
    • from 2-3pm at HealthStreet
  • November 19: “You Rock” Staff Appreciation Concert
    • from 12-1:30pm on the rooftop of the Terrace Cafe
  • November 19: FabulUS Queens: Alachua Academy Art Exhibit Reception
    • from 4-6pm in the Criser Cancer Resource Center
  • November 20: Hope Cupcake Tasting for Arts in Medicine
    • from 7-9pm at Santa Fe College Art Gallery
  • November 25: Creative for Health: Story Collage
    • from 2-3pm at HealthStreet

To find out about our regularly scheduled activities, visit ourĀ calendar or call us at 352.733.0880.