Butterfly Connection

Just around the corner from Shands, housed at the Florida Museum of Natural History, is the McGuire Center’s Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit, a wonderful, colorful place that lifts the spirits and brings joy to all who enter this transformative space. The Butterfly Connection is a collaboration between Shands Arts in Medicine, Climb for Cancer (www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/support/butterfly-connection) and the Florida Museum of Natural History at UF (www.flmnh.ufl.edu/butterflies). Funded by Climb for Cancer, the program allows Arts in Medicine artists and other staff to give free Rainforest tickets to cancer patients, survivors and their family members. The artists sometimes accompany these special visitors to the Rainforest to see their reaction. The butterfly has long been a symbol of hope, and is often painted or drawn by young patients involved in the AIM program. As one visitor said, “It’s a magical place—how can you not feel better?”

For information contact cdewitt@ufl.edu or call the AIM office, 352-733-0880 and leave a message for Cathy DeWitt.