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silk hoop painting

Nothing feels better than to fully immerse yourself in an art project.  The world around you falls away.  Time passes pleasantly without notice.

Research also suggests that creativity is good for our health.  Regular practice has been shown to reduce the harmful effects of stress, improve immune system function, and help us cope with anxiety and depression.

Uncover your creativity by joining artists and writers with the UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine program in exciting, inspirational activities.

3rd Quarter Prompts: Creativity (January-March)

Prompt 1: Speed portraits: Find a friend.  Spend no more than 5 minutes drawing portraits of one another.  Take turns.  And leave out any criticism of the finished drawings.  The goal is to relax and take time to look closely at your friend.

Prompt 2: Write a poem or short story by starting with the phrase, “If I were a…” For inspiration read “If I Were a Dog” by Richard Shelton.

Prompt 3:  Find a sturdy piece of paper. (Watercolor paper works well for this activity). Gather magazines or colorful pieces of scrap paper.  Spend 10 or 15 minutes making a collage. Don’t put too much thought into arranging images.  Allow the process to flow naturally.  When you are finished with the collage, spend a few more minutes writing about the process. Did any new creative ideas spring to mind?

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